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I am loving this (aka, the law of unintended consequences)

Last week I realized that one of the blogs I visit regularly had an ad for Ellora’s Cave up in the front page.

Considering the fact that EC is suing a blogger, and that the blogging community rallied around her to the tune (so far) of almost $55,000, saying I was taken aback is to greatly understate the matter.

I seriously considered dropping the blog from my bookmarks, and was getting all ready to breathe fire and stuff, when I realized a few things:

  • One, there’s another blog–very well known and very vocal in its defense of Dear Author–sporting the very same ad for EC.
  • Second, it’s quite likely that both these blogs (and probably a fair number of other book blogs) signed contracts months ago for these ads to appear this month, well before EC committed the unmitigated stupidity of suing Dear Author.
  • Third, it’s also quite likely that at least some of the money these bloggers are making off these ads is going directly to help Dear Author and Jane Litte.

Don’t you love karma?


Edited to add: well, it gets even better (though my timing? not so good, as I had this all scheduled and then saw what follows below)

Courtesy of @tejasjulia over at #notchilled, this image just in:

Ellora's Cave ad at Dear Author

Let me see if I get the chain of events right here, yes?

For years a certain publisher uses a certain high profile blogger for promotion–such as oh, say, interviews to “set the record straight” and shit.

Publisher, knowing blogger gets thousands of hits a month (and I’m being pretty conservative here), buys ad space from blogger.

Then at some point, because the blogger is not the publisher’s bitch, the publisher sues the blogger for defamation.

However, the contract for ad space is still going on–blogger is getting paid by the publisher she supposedly defamed to promote the publisher’s books.


a) blogger got money from publisher.

b) hopefully at least some of that money is going/has gone to the blogger’s defense fund.

c) judge will be very interested to know that publisher was so aghast at the blogger’s practices that…wait for it…the publisher decided to contract ad space from the blogger.


Oh, another screenshot for your amusement:

Jaid Black clears the air - at DA - plus ad


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