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How could I have forgotten? (EC v DA...sorta)

A long, long time ago (September 2010) I wrote this very short post:

Over at Dear Author there is some noise over Red Rose Publishing and the alleged issues the company has with authors, editors, etc. The fun started here, followed by this tidbit, and it’s currently going strong here.

The quick and dirty summary: Dear Author reported some shenanigans; anonymous authors came out; sockpuppets followed; RRP’s owner wants all blog content related to the company taken down; Dear Author pretty much ignores the noise; lawyer-like threats follow; Dear Author pretty much still ignoring them.

The moral of the story: be careful who the fuck you threaten with legal action over the internetz–they may just be real lawyers who not only won’t be cowed by your barely coherent threats but who will actually know the law.  (In simpler terms: be careful you don’t bite more than you can chew.)

The links work, if you have some time, but the upshot?

EC did bite a lot more than TE/JB is gonna be able to chew, let alone digest.

Also, for some fun reading, Jane’s series on defamation:

How to Fling About Legal Insults Like a Lawyer, Part 1

It’s Only My Opinion, But You Are a Mean Girl

You Have to Prove I am a Mean Girl

Defamation Part 3: Public v Private Figures

Defamation Part 4: Malice


  • Thank you very much, AL! I’ve just spent hours following your links, dammit, and Wendi Felter has stolen waaaaay too much of my time.

    Seriously, thank you for putting this together. I vaguely remember when it went down. What was the outcome, do you know? Is RRP still in business?


  • @Carolyn: I confess that I lost track of them after that incident–all smoke, no flame, you know?

    So I did a quick Google search, and this is what I found:

    So the word is that the outage of Red Rose Publishing’s website is now permanent. Given the ongoing problems I just hope it will be wound up tidily. Their authors have only just been notified, so there is not much more to say about it right now. I will post any updates I receive, or feel free to comment if you have anything to share.

    Please note that that post is from July. If you go directly to redrosepublishing.com, you get adverts for something diabetes related.

    Color me utterly unsurprised.


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