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Hey, TiNut, screenshoot this! (EC v DA related shenanigans)

You know one of the best things about being a reader who has no writerly ambitions?

Knowing that I will never have to deal with dicks such as TiNut as my publisher.

For your amusement, and in case someone does decide to subpoena the ‘anonymous’ TiNut account, its latest threats:

TiNut on the future 'tweeter-commenter LIBEL case'
My, oh my, for someone ‘unconnected to EC,’ this little dick seems adamant that EC is going to sue people in the future, and it insists on stating clearly and repeatedly that EC is breaking the law by withholding payment based on some obscure future lawsuit.

I don’t know the legal term, but even someone truly stupid¹ knows you cannot retain contractors’ payments based on a legal ruling that hasn’t been made on a case that hasn’t been brought up.

Also, threatening people with withholding monies owed them, for tweeting or commenting on a case on the public record? Probably not legal.

Of course, this is the ‘legal blogger’ without a blog who proudly claims that a federal judge’s political affiliation will influence how he rules on a defamation case.

Edited to add: “You keep using that word, it doesn’t mean what you think it means”

TiNut doesn't understand 'not affiliaited'
Edited again: Guess what? Someone may indeed be subpoenaed to testify for DA and JL

 ~ * ~

¹ ‘stupid’ and ‘slush piler’ are two of TiDick’s favorite insults.


  • tejas
    January 31
    2:54 pm

    And isn’t TiNut threatening people who made declarations in the case? I believe witness intimidation is a felony, isn’t it? Punishable by up to 10 years in prison?


  • @tejas: Ten years? I didn’t know that.

    I wonder what it says about me, that my first reaction to reading your comment was, “cool!”


  • 20 years. (It’s 2:22 in the morning, so my reading comprehension’s not at maximum.)



  • Yeah, first claimed to be a champion of “publishers.” Then chats about inner workings and “surplus” of cash? Cleaning up your mess now, does not mean DA was wrong. It means you’ve been spending money like a crack addict on a binge…money that wasn’t yours to spend. IMHO. <— see what I did there.


  • @Deirdre Saoirse Moen: Well now, that’s even better, ain’t it?

    @Anita Cox: I’m loving the idea of discovery for the defense having TiNut subpoenaed.

    I have mentioned before that there are screenshots of TiNut’s rants in computers in several time zones. Should it come to pass that a subpoena reveals a connection between TiNut and Ellora’s Cave or its principals…

    Well, I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to see some authors band together to take action, do you?


  • LawStudent
    February 2
    7:52 pm

    The Nut is posting again. How idiotic and arrogant does someone have to be to continuing to spew libelous statements on Twitter after being GUARANTEED that the person behind this account will be outed?

    Her lawyer must want to shoot himself repeatedly.


  • @LawStudent: There is an underlying belief that TiNut will get away with everything; the person behind the account is secure in the belief that the law applies to them only insofar as they so wish it.

    Rude awakening in store, yes?

    (lawyer: well, EC does seem to change lawyers without too much compunction, so I’m not sure this situation would be any different.


  • Ex-EC Editor
    February 4
    8:14 pm

    Another probable retaliation move: filing vastly inflated 1099s, for a bigger deduction for EC/JJ and taxation on money NEVER RECEIVED by the editor.

    They’ve done this to every editor who filed a declaration in support of DA.


  • @Ex-EC Editor: I am hoping everyone who is receiving a 1099 from EC is comparing what it says to whatever checks they received last year.

    It makes sense, no matter who is issuing them, but more so under the circumstances, doesn’t it?


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