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Calling people formerly associated with Ellora's Cave...

If you were at some point in the past associated in any way with Ellora’s Cave and happened to download a copy the video I describe below, please contact Ms Deirdre Saoirse Moen as soon as you possibly can.

The video:

Courtney Thomas, long time Chief Financial Officer for Ellora’s Cave, and her minion Sherry Herchk (assistant controller? seriously?) pretend* to do the books by hand, complete with rulers and adding machine.

The video was reportedly posted to Jaid Black’s Youtube channel, and the link to it was tweeted on July 30th 2014 using the Cave Chaos twitter account.

Which means that:

  • months after authors and other contractors were complaining about missing/delayed/innaccurate payment,
  • days before firing most editorial staff
  • weeks before Patty Marks announced via Publisher’s Weekly that Ellora’s Cave was losing money with every title released
  • less than two months before Ellora’s Cave sued Dear Author

Jaid Black, that charming and professional CEO of a ‘massive’ company, decided that it was in good taste to mock all those creditors whose livelihood depended on the timeliness and accuracy of Ellora’s Cave checks.

~ * ~

Screenshots, because what the fuck:

Cave Chaos link to EC accounting divas ion July 30 2014

This one is cribbed from the still Ms Deirdre posted here:

Ellora's Cave accounting divas

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