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EC v DA shenanigans and filings

Deirdre Saoirse Moen has a number of recent posts on the amazingly tasteless behaviour of Ellora’s Cave principals and staff.

Check out Double Entry Divas and The Sunken Queen for more.

The Defense filed its objection to TiNut’s motion to quash the subpoena, and Courtney Milan explains both that and what the gag order meant for the parties, here.

I don’t have the words at the moment to parse the utter lack of respect evidenced by that video (posted to Jaid Blacks on Youtube channel, just days before laying off most of their editorial staff).

Or the unbearable sense of entitlement coming off poor Jaid Black sitting by the pool in her California house while laying off contractors and being late with royalties and other payments (hint: you could have given the interview in your home office and refused to play to the stereotype that mocks and derides anything and everything that hints at women having agency and the right to enjoy their sexuality).

On the objection to the motion to quash, I think the defense would have been much better off grabbing only TiNut’s feed for the two weeks before the date of the subpoena–pile on me if you wish, but some of the people outraged by Ellora’s Cave and TiNut’s behaviour who participate often in #notchilled don’t come off too well in those exchanges (stooping to its level comes to mind).

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