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Thank you for all the words, Ms Small

Late on February 24th, Twitter went a little crazy with the news that Bertrice Small, one of the original Avon Ladies, and a pioneer in the world of erotic romances, has passed away.

As I type this, I cannot find any official announcements.

Updated: US Today finally posted something–written by Joyce Lamb:

Romance readers everywhere are reacting to news that romance pioneer Bertrice Small has died. Primarily known as a historical romance author, Bertrice also wrote erotica and fantasy romance. Her O’Malley Saga and Skye’s Legacy series are especially beloved. Her most recent release, Lucianna, part of her Silk Merchant’s Daughters series, came out in October 2013

In the newsletter section of Ms Small’s website, the last entry (December 2014), talks about having almost finished writing another novel.

On Twitter (here) this is the first mention of Ms Small’s death:

Goodspeed, lady, you are never gone from our collective memory.

Courtesy of RWA (and with a hat tip to the SmartBitches) the presentation of RWA’s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award, to Bertrice Small, during its National Conference in 2014:


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