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digging the irony of Ann Somerville using a post at Karen Scott’s blog to justify an absolute, un-nuanced defense of Jane Litte of Dear Author?

Ann Somerville quoting Karen Scott

For context: Jane Litte revealed on March 24th that she is also Jen Frederick, a NA author. You can follow some of the resulting asploding heads over here, and then here, and finally here.

At one point, AS posted a comment that could have gotten Jane Litte and company in trouble. Reading between the lines, they offered to edit the offending bits, but she preferred to have the whole thing deleted. Then AS decided to re-post it, with additional commentary, in her own blog. The commentary required linkage for the purposes of proof, hence the irony.

For those of you who don’t want to go there–or in case the blog disappears again–here’re the screenshots, with my own commentary. And, because I’m ornery like that, I’m not giving you the same links AS uses–I believe her narrative is just a wee bit biased, so I’m choosing different links to provide an alternative take on the background information.

Ann S DA comment on her blog 1

Ann S DA comment on her blog 2

You can read this post and follow the links to learn about STGRB–set your alarm, though, that’s a full-blown rabbit hole. The short version is that real anti-bullying organizations asked the site to remove their badges and banners.

Here’s the link for the cached post on Jane Litte that, apparently, was up on the STGRB’s site at some point (I never saw it myself).

If you don’t know who Jaid Black/Tina Engler is by now, you haven’t been around for the past six months (and we’ve missed you, by the way). The post AS links to is here.

The next link is a bit trickier for me. As I wrote in the comments over at Deirdre Saoirse Moen’s update on Requires Hate, I’m conflicted. On the one hand, we have a white author reporting at length, and apparently with pretty solid and abundant evidence, on the harassing behaviour by Requires Hate, whose targets seem to be mostly people of color. On the other hand, it appears that Requires Hate is herself a woman of color, and other people of color have come to her defense.

Which brings us to the next link.

Fangirl Jeanne aka Makalesi Moore is also a person of color, and one, moreover, that AS has called a cockroach, Why? Well, Jeanne dared disagree with AS, and not much more than that is necessary to be berated to hell and back, honestly. (If you do a search, you’ll find plenty of links, but I give you a couple of storifies–here and here)

The next link is to Cecily Kane’s twitter account, which is protected–for the record, I have no idea who this person is, or how she roused AS’s ire.

The next link is to this comment by Courtney Milan. For those of you who haven’t been here for the past six months, Ms Milan has been covering the vexatious defamation lawsuit that Ellora’s Cave filed against Dear Author and Jane Litte. For another few hours of reading, here are the links:

You may notice a bit of overlap here between when AS started harassing Ms Milan (again? I gather there has been at least one previous instance) and the latter’s coverage of the lawsuit. Being a cynic–and having tangled with AS many times before–I’m not surprised she jumped at the chance to accuse Courtney Milan of egregious crimes against…

Loyalty and friendship.

And here is one of the examples of honor and stand up behaviour she links to: the post in Jessica Clare/Jessica Sims/Jill Myles blog, which basically amounts to, “well, I knew from the beginning and I’m not sorry.” (That’s a do-not-link link, by the way.)

And bully for you, JC/JS/JM, since you never interacted with both personae for two years without the benefit of knowing they were one and the same person–unlike oh say, the Bree half of Kit Rocha.

Eagle eyed readers may notice that, as far as AS is concerned, there is no evidence anyone was hurt by Jane Litte/Jen Frederick two years-long deception. Which is funny, because AS posted several times in that thread at SBTB–she saw Ms Milan’s comment, stands to reason she saw Bree’s comment too, yes?


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