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Any Ellora's Cave authors who are publishing elsewhere...

If you would like some free promotion, here at the blog, at my¬†blog and at MyMedia forum, leave a comment and I’ll contact you for details and scheduling.

This offer is only for non-Ellora’s Cave books, self-published or published elsewhere, and it’s not a quid-pro-quo type thing in any way, shape or form.

As I said on my blog, this is about helping out those authors who have been left out high and dry to whatever degree, due to ongoing shenanigans within Ellora’s Cave, as well as due to any involvement with and/or support of Jane Litte and Dear Author during the vexatious defamation lawsuit Ellora’s Cave filed against them.


  • […] Ms Croteau is one of the authors who got…well, let’s be charitable and say ‘ lost in the shuffle’ of Ellora’s Cave shenanigans. […]

  • I’d love a little promo boost! (I had 3 books with EC, which I bought back late last year. I’ve since republished them myself.)

    If you want to wait until my next book’s ready, that’s fine. I’m hoping to have it out late June/early July.


  • @Cat Grant: Did you receive my email, Ms Grant?


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