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Out today: Clearer in the Night, by Rebecca Croteau

Coming out today from Penner Publishing, this is the first installment in a New Adult romantic fiction series, Meredith Falls.


Clearer in the NIght 

Clearer in the Night, by Rebecca Croteau

Cait’s used to being an outsider. The odd girl out, the one with the alcoholic mother. The one whose sister and father died. The one who might just have telepathy. These things she could manage, could hide just enough to get by. Now a werewolf’s bite forces her outside the whole human race.

Two men—the one night hook-up who shows up at her hospital bed, and the rescuer worker who may be following her—seem to know more about her condition than she does…and about this strange world of magic she’s pulled into. As Cait plunges into this darker reality, painful secrets of her past are churned up and she’s forced to confront her new identity.

Torn between the between the sweet and too-hot-to-be-true Eli and possessive, darkly sensual Wes, Cait must decide whom to trust and which side to choose…before it’s too late

The author kindly provided me with some trigger warnings for this book:

Graphic sexual situations, violent situations, discussion of assault, alcoholism.
This book does not contain any nonconsensual sexual situations, but there is one scene where the main character uses her sexuality to escape a dangerous situation.There are deaths discussed in detail throughout the book.
This book contains a graphic portrayal of clinical depression.

Ms Croteau tells me this story does not end with a HEA, but that the second story, about a single mother named Nor, does.

“If I had to point to something as an inspiration for the kind of series feel I’m going for, it would be Stephen King’s Derry novels, or Charles de Lint’s Newford Stories.”

Clearer in the Night is available now from amazon and other fine book retailers.

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Ms Croteau is one of the authors who got…well, let’s be charitable and say ‘ lost in the shuffle’ of Ellora’s Cave shenanigans.

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