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Finally, an update in the EC v DA vexatious defamation suit.

(Even though I’m not on twitter, I monitor #notchilled pretty regularly, because it’s the only way I have to get updates on the case, not having a PACER account or the like.)

Today, Courtney Milan posted a quick update/analysis of the latest happenings in the case.

Using a few more characters: judge John R Adams denied TiNut’s motion to quash the subpoena, in a rather snarky manner too.

I can’t copy and paste directly from the document, but the judge basically¹ says, “you claim that your identity should not be made available to the defendants, because you know nothing about the case; however, both in your letters and in your tweets, you have proved without a doubt that you know all parties involved, and all sorts of facts of the matter at hand, intimately. Your not-quite-a-motion to quash is hereby denied.”

The moral of the story: don’t brag about all you know and can prove, and above all, don’t offer to testify in favor of one of the parties, lest you discover the legal system is not that easy to manipulate.


¹ I think, for an extrapolation, it’s pretty close.


  • Julaine
    May 27
    1:34 am

    That is actually a very good condensation of Judge Adams’ ruling. Whoever @pubnt turns out to be, they have done worse harm to EC’s reputation and relationships with the Romance industry than any blogger reporting about their company’s alleged business practices and stumbles. If only someone would have jacked his/her Internet connection before little PNut took off down the Rabbit Hole at the Speed of Stupid.

    Before, they had a reputation as an industry pioneer with (shall we say) leadership known for certain eccentricities. Now? I’m not exactly sure…but I can’t get that old Cher tune “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” out of my head. (Must have picked up an ear worm earlier today.)


  • This is hilarious!


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