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Pot, meet the ugly kettle

For a number of years now, I have loosely followed the “poor me, I’m a victim of discrimination” act that is Jaid Black.

By this I mean, I notice when things reach my ears/eyes during my usual online rounds; I don’t spend a lot of time hunting comments down, I don’t follow her in any social media platform, and I don’t go looking for things said about her.

Frankly, I do have better things to do with my time.

Every so often, however, I’ll see commentary about how whenever there’s a dust up at or around Ellora’s Cave, Jaid Black has a health crisis.

Which is reminiscent of what has happened with any number of epublishers behaving badly, right around the time the implosions begin. (You are free to extrapolate at will, by the way.)

At any rate, recently Jaid Black had yet another health crisis to report on her blog:



Jaid Black on her health - May 30 2015

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I am neither a lawyer nor a medical professional, and so I have no idea whether or not what she claims is possible or true–and again, I frankly don’t care much about the state of Jaid Black’s health.

I was saddened to see, though, some pretty callous commentary about this in #notchilled, and heartened to see people like Courtney Milan and Deirdre Saoirse Moen calling those ugly comments out:

Deirdre Saoirse Moen on JB's health - June 2 2015
And that, I thought, would be that.

Turns out I’m a lot less cynical than I believed.

Of course Jaid Black would take what ammunition she’d been given and use it:


Jaid Black on being a victim - facebook - June 10 2015

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(As an aside: I find myself amused to think that, up to now, Jaid Black has “taken the high road”–but we all know I’m mean like that.)

That post immediately brought out Jaid Black defenders, notably Ann Rice’s puppy Kevin Weinberg, who had these classy tweets to share with the universe:


Kevin Weinberg chimes in - June 9 2015

click to embiggen

Just as classy and wholesome as Jaid Black and company, ain’t he?


edited to add some more spewing but Kevin Weinberg:

Kevin Weinberg chimes in - June 12 2015
Would it be fair then to say that anyone using #notchilled to spew misogynistic sewage is an insecure, immature, almost too stupid to live, ignorant, whiny little child with dangling genitalia who quite likely cannot get it up, or knows anyone–regardless of their genitalia or gender identity–to willingly give him somethin’-somethin’?


  • Samtha
    June 12
    3:21 pm

    Oh, Tina. Never change. One person tweeted something about her weight, and every single other person who commented in #notchilled shot that down fast, but of course that fact doesn’t fit Tina’s “I’m a victim” narrative.

    That Kevin person isn’t worth commenting about.


  • Correction. My giving up on EC had nothing to do with the firing of my favorite cover artist/good friend, although I did complain a year or so ago about the hideous cover I got for my last EC title. No, the reason for me giving up on EC was strictly business–drastically reduced sales, delinquent royalty payments, and most of all, egregious errors in the company’s favor made on multiple ones of my royalty statements since mid-2013. In fairness, I eventually was reimbursed for at least some of those underpayments, but not in a timely manner. When EC fired most of its editors, its cover artists, and much of its administrative staff in August 2014, I decided it would be a wise choice to request reversion of rights on every eligible EC book. Trust is hard to earn, easy to destroy.


  • @Samtha: Agreed on both counts.

    @Ann Jacobs: Interesting how TE/JB can blithely toss out accusations of theft and other unethical behaviour by others, but anyone calling attention to iffy things going on at EC is a liar, hmm?


  • Lil
    June 14
    4:41 am

    I discovered Jaid Black’s writing a few months ago, and regret I bought the one. I am hesitant to even read an Ellora’s Cave book written by anyone else just because her writing sucked to the ninth level of hell. Yes, that’s unfair probably to the authors, but it is my money. Anyway, after learning she married a killer and claims to be an activist for inmates (see her Wikipedia page), little surprises me about this woman. If she can live with herself after the greedy stunts she’s pulled, she ought to be able to live with a little truthful discussion about her weight. That’s the least she has to be embarrassed about.


  • @Lil: Leaving aside her weight, which truly is her business and none of anyone else’s, or the (lack of) quality of her writing, it’s noteworthy that a number of Ellora’s Cave’s authors have asked readers not to buy their EC titles, and that a publisher is suing a blog for writing about its mistreatment of authors, editors and artists.

    You can catch up on all that, starting here (beware: major time suck)


  • Wow…


  • […] all the happenings, Jaid Black has continued to maintain a fairly defiant social media presence, punctuated by occasional flounces. In the last few months, she deleted her twitter account, posted […]

  • Rhiannon
    August 27
    11:47 am

    Hmmmm. Diabetes diagnosis is a blood test, in my experience (called A1c). Not sure why it would take a couple of weeks to find out. Unless her Dr’s office uses a lab with long turnaround times for results.


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