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An Unwelcome Sisterhood

An Unwelcome Sisterhood

Monday, July 27, 2015
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I didn’t know that so far there are thirty five forty six women speaking up about surviving sexual abuse at the hands of Bill Cosby–abuse that spans decades, and has been covered up by using money, influence, and implied threats.

Via CNN, this cover from New York Magazine is breathtaking in its graphic representation of the routine violence against women, that takes place in plain sight, yet hidden from mainstream consciousness, every. single. day.

New York Magazine 07-27-15 Bill Cosby, an unwelcome sisterhood
As I post this, the magazine’s website has crashed, but you can follow up the story in the Twitter stream, starting here.

Edited to add this tweet (so much truth!!!):


Sad,so very sad to see the tweets that follow it. Not surprised, though.



  • susan
    July 27
    6:59 pm

    The total number of women who have stepped forward is higher, around 47. These are just the women currently willing to go on record.


  • @susan: I apologize; when I posted this I still couldn’t read the article. I’m editing the number. Thank you for calling my attention to my gaffe.


  • susan
    July 30
    5:33 pm

    You didn’t make a mistake–the cover of New York shows 35, but the actual number is higher.


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