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Because they are white.

I keep seeing this ridiculous headline:

Why are “Oath Keepers” allowed to be armed in the middle of Ferguson protests?

The article goes on and on about how they are “exercising their rights” and about gun laws, and other related bullshit, but the reality is that these assholes can roam the streets of Ferguson, armed with fucking assault rifles, because they are white.

Because they are white, cops will ask for the concealed or open-carry permit, instead of shooting them on sight.

Hell, because they are white, cops will not even approach them, assuming¹ these douches are legit, and furthermore, that they know what the fuck they are doing.

Because if ONE black man were to walk around carrying a weapon the way these dicks are? He would be mowed down first, questions dodged later.

Until unarmed black men won’t be suffocated to dead by white cops, or shot in the head by white cops as they sit in their cars; until brown people can walk a mostly white neighborhood and not be attacked by police, for their color of their skin or the language they speak; until unarmed black teenagers are no longer shot by white cops without provocation; until black women don’t have to fear being provoked by white cops, so that the cops feel justified in arresting them; until every time an unarmed black person is gunned down by police, the narrative doesn’t immediately paint them as criminal, shifty, unstable, and guilty; until white cops stop shooting unarmed brown 17 times for throwing rocks at them; until black and brown people stop dying in police custody in disproportionately high percentages; until, when black people are massacred by a white terrorist the narrative reflects this reality, instead of trying to shift blame

Until such a time?

Saying that all lives matter is offensive, because the facts show that white lives matter infinitely more than any others, to the system.


¹ Yeah, there’s that thing again.


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