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Nursery Room Reveal...

This room used to be my library room and TTG’s trophy room, it looks sooo different now. As you guys can see, I had to make a lot of concessions regarding the amount of pink in the room. There just aren’t that many pretty things in other colours that I like. I still managed to have three walls painted with my buttercream. TTG got the one pink wall.


TTG originally wanted her to have the big room that we normally reserve for guests, but I wanted something much cosier. I just didn’t like the thought of her in a huge room. When she’s older, we ca move her. Also, you can’t see during the day, but there are stars and all the planets in the solar system on her ceiling. They light up at night and I love them! All that’s left to do is to put up my collage of strong women, including Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Amelia Earhart, etc… Waddaya think?


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Furry friends...

Furry friends…



  • Oh Karen, I’m so happy and so excited for you and TTG!

    Take it as easy as you can, and sleep as much as you can now–you never know how it’s going to go after the birth. Here’s wishing you as easy a labor as possible.


  • Hi AL, you’re up early!

    Truth be told, I haven’t slept well for months. The lack of breath took me by surprise, and finding a comfortable position in bed is nigh on impossible.

    As for resting, I find that’s not something I’m not great at, TTG is pretty much redecorating the entire house, and I’m cleaning everything in sight. I’ve given away about 10 huge sacks of clothes and bric-a-brac and I’ve managed to revamp our main guest room as well as our closet room. I’m not overdoing it, I literally have to sit down every two minutes to catch my breath. The activity seems to be good for Baby Girl, as well as keeping me flexible. I never thought I’d miss exercise, but boy do I ever. I’m looking forward to being able to run again, lol.

    As for an easy labour, I’m not holding my breath. She’s bigger than average so I have an additional scan at 38 weeks and they’ll schedule my induction if I don’t go into labour before my due date. No going over my due date for me!


  • I know what you mean about the breathing. With my last one I carried very high and breathing (and sleeping) was darned near impossible. I got a big ugly Lazy Boy recliner (don’t know if you have them in the UK). It’s hideous, but man could I sleep in that thing!

    I agree about the bigger room, especially in the beginning. For the first few months she’ll probably be in the room with you much of the time anyway. And if any friends or family come to help out they’ll need the guest room.

    I am so excited about this baby and can’t wait to see pictures.


  • Zara Keane
    December 21
    1:59 pm

    Gorgeous, Karen! She’s a lucky little girl. I totally agree with you on size. Cosy is perfect for a baby and little kid. Wishing you and Paul happy and healthy holiday season and a fantastic New Year. Not long to wait now!


  • Beautiful, Karen and thanks for sharing with us! Wishing you and the TTG a happy, healthy New Year!!!


  • I think you guys did good 🙂 Cozy is perfect for a infant/toddler, the one pink wall provides a nice accent (I personally loved the buttercream you chose – all pink walls would have been nauseating) and I want those curtains.

    I’m so excited for you guys and glad to hear you’re doing well!


  • Jane
    December 23
    4:31 pm

    Not only does it look great, but I’m so happy for you!


  • Love it!

    January 22 😀 will be here before you know it.


  • Dawn
    January 11
    4:07 pm

    Late to the party, as usual!

    It all looks brilliant K.

    If I was up your way I’d like to meet you for a coffee!

    Take care.

    D x


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