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Compare and contrast 2.0

Oh my good lord, can Jaid Black be any more delusional?


Let’s rephrase the question, shall we? Who’s more professional, Samhain, the publisher who clearly states how they are handling right reversions for all authors, since they are closing their doors gradually…or the one who clings to authors they claim don’t sell, for fucking years, by insisting they still sell more than the threshold for reversion?

A hint: keeping your company open by not paying all authors their royalties on time and firing off most of your editors and cover artists without paying off all you owe them for months after,  is neither ethical nor professional.

Final, pro-tip: calling your authors names all over the internet; encouraging a known misogynist asshole troll to harass them; re-purposing a company domain to ‘document’ a witch hunt of people who don’t like you; all the while whining about how your suing someone for compiling and publishing readily available facts, forced you (bitch, please), to use authors’ royalties to keep your company afloat…all of that? It is pitiful, pathetic and stupid.

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