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PSA: Ellora's Cave website

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Customers, beware!

Apparently the security/trusted website certificate for Ellora’s Cave main website has expired.¹ What this means for customers is that, if you provide your credit card information to the website, in order to purchase books there, you have no guarantee that said information is secure.

I don’t know, nor care, what companty is the IPS for that site, but just as an example, right now GoDaddy has an offer for one-year certificates for $62.99, so it’s not as if it’s a terribly onerous expense.

Mind you, one would think that anyone who runs an online business, understands that, even if the cost was significantly higher, this is not a luxury, but an essential component thereof.

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¹ I’m not linking, for obvious reasons. Then again, I wouldn’t link even if the SSL was there :shrug:

I hear that the SSL for the Ellora’s Cave site is back on. However, speaking only for myself, I would be extremely leery of giving my credit card, or, indeed, any other information to someone who, less than a month before, is asking customers to buy direct, then has the SSL expire. And, after it expired, not renew it for several days.

JBbuydirectappeal copy

Why so mean?, you ask.

Easy. If a company cannot keep track, or afford, to renew such a basic business requirement, why should I trust they will keep my information secure? I don’t even need to know that this particular company has lost entire customers’ libraries–and refused to reinstate them unless the customer provided proof of purchase–at least twice.

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