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Ellora's Cave -- once more, with feeling

For the past year and a half, a number of authors with books published by Ellora’s Cave have publicly asked their readers to refrain from purchasing those titles.

The latest is Em Petrova, who writes on her blog that she’s been waiting for royalty checks since December 2015 (that’s five months, for the calendar-challenged among us), and that that last check was for royalties for March 2015 (that’s a full nine months behind).

Some of the authors who took that route, have gotten reversions of their titles, either in exchange of hard cash (Cat Grant is one: see here and here), or by forgoing royalties owed them (Shiloh Walker is one; see here, here, and here). From where I sit, both of these alternatives are shitty as hell, but since the other alternatives are to abandon those titles to Ellora’s Cave, so the publisher continues to make money off the authors’ hard work, or take Ellora’s Cave to court, it’s probably best for the writers’ peace of mind to sever ties with the company, and its principals, as expediently as possible. I sincerely hope all the authors who have, finally, gotten their rights back, are able to re-release and make a profit of their own intellectual property.

Is there anything positive from this horrendous, slow-motion, train wreck that is Ellora’s Cave death throes?

I’m not an expert on publishing (either with a publisher or self-publishing), but I know there are many authors, and agents, out there offering sound advice, for free. All any writer out there who wants to make a career out of their work has to do is to invest time reading. Go to the Absolute Write forums and read the many threads on recommendations and warnings about publishing houses. Go to the blogs of successful self-publishing authors, and read about their experiences.

But above all, read any and all contracts and agreements (say, with amazon unlimited or kindle direct) carefully. Know what you are getting yourself into before you do, and save yourself regrets and heartache later.

Good luck.


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  • Hamilton Swift
    November 14
    7:45 pm

    I had a book published by EC In June 2015. I received one royalty check 7 months later. I’d like to get my book rights back but my correspondences have gone unanswered. Do you know the best way an author can get his rights back?
    Thank you,


  • I don’t know more than what I post here or at my blog (Her Hands, My Hands). However, many EC authors (former and current) monitor #notchilled on twitter, so you may want to pose your question there.


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