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Holy what the fuck, Samhain?

Last year I had to eat my words in a really big way about ‘just reader and blogger’ Jane Line (aka Jen Frederick, author)

Now I have to eat my words about Christina ‘just kidding’ Brashear and Samhain.

I said a while back that Samhain’s announcement that they were closing their doors sometime this summer showed a lot of class (which, compared to EC-we-have-changed-our-name-ECforBooks, it did).

I did say that because I could only see the face the company showed in public, and I believed that while there were rumblings, it was a natural part of the process. People were being fired, or losing contract opportunities, etc.

Then came the announcement that oh, no, they found a way not to close.

Today I see that there’s another email, which has not been made public (yet?), which calls that big, honking, PUBLIC announcement a few months back, a ‘misunderstanding’ on everyone’s part.

What the actual fuck is this? I thought Samhain was a company run by a professional. More fool me.

Authors, beware–no one but you truly gives a shit about your career.

Make that the credo you live by. Make sure all your contracts have an escape clause for when publishers start behaving like assholes, and don’t sign with anyone who won’t allow you to protect yourself. The honeymoon turns to hunting moon soon enough.

Edited to add: Lauren Gallagher/L.A. Witt writes an open letter to Samhain and Christina Brashear. (I repeat: what the actual fuck????)

Further edit: under the cut, there’s a lovely screencap of the email that was sent (yesterday?) to Samhain authors. (via Ambergina at Absolute Write)



  • Burned
    July 7
    8:14 pm

    Kharma’s a bitch and I’m so glad that lying thieving cow has finally been outed.


  • @Burned: Well, now.

    You may be a Samhain author who has legitimate issues with Brashear, but honestly? With the misogynistic ‘cow’ in there, and the fake email address? My first instinct is to suspect that you are Tina Engler/Jaid Black.

    Add the absolute lack of empathy toward the authors, editors, etc. who are caught in the middle of all this bullshit…

    Yeah, it looks like yet another Tina-cock-puppet.


  • Burned
    July 7
    8:44 pm


    Nope, neither sock puppet, cock puppet, or otherwise and zero relationship to Jaid. I am someone who chooses to stay anonymous, however.

    And there was no sympathy for me when I was royally fucked over, so while yes, it sucks for those being affected, I remain glad that for all the years I had to hear how great everything was, people finally know the truth about what’s behind the facade.


  • FeministHater
    July 8
    10:39 am

    All feminists are ugly cunts, especially Karen. Hope she dies!


  • @FeministHater: Kevin, is that you?


  • […] they could could pull a Christina “just kidding” Brashear, and come back sometime after the deadline given in the email, and declare that said email was just […]

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