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Back in July 2009, DA Jane had a post asking whether or not abortion was acceptable for a heroine in romance.

As you can see, 70% of the voters said yes, it’s acceptable, and 30% said no, it wasn’t.

The whole question of abortions etc, has been a hot topic in America for the last couple of years, so I wonder if the result would change much now?

I feel exactly the same way as I did in 2009, if it’s handled carefully, then yes, why not?

I then asked myself whether I’d read a book where the heroine had an abortion, and honestly, I’m not sure. I guess once again, it depends on the book.

It was far easier for me to say yes to whether or not it’s acceptable, but somehow much harder to say whether I would actually pick up a book where the heroine had an abortion. The first question is almost asking me whether I’m pro-choice or not, and the second question seeks to determine whether I’d walk the talk.

I guess it’s similar to people saying they would like more “multi-cultural” books, but then just going back and reading the types of books that they always read, ya know, the ones featuring two white people on the front of the cover…

Anyway, how would you guys answer both questions now?

(By the way, never, Google ‘abortions’ using Google Images. Seriously, don’t do it. *vom*.)

Abortion in Romance…

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Posted in: Abortions in romance

Jane currently has a great poll up over at DA, asking the question, Is abortion acceptable for a heroine in romance?

It’s interesting to note that so far, 72% have said yes, and 28% have said no.

I’m wondering if the people who have said no, are pro-lifers, or whether they just simply don’t believe that there’s any place in romance for heroines who have had abortions?

Of course I think it’s all about how it’s handled in the book, but then again, I’m pro-choice, so I guess that colours my views somewhat.

As long as I’m not being preached at, I can handle most controversial topics that come up in romance.