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Two days after the not-guilty verdict was handed down to Casey Anthony, I find that I’m still thinking about it.

I’m not blaming the jurors here, I understand that they can only make a judgement based on the evidence presented by the prosecutors, who seemed to do a piss-poor job of managing the whole case. In my opinion, the lead prosecutor should be relieved of his current post and demoted.

No, rather I’m thinking about Caylee Anthony. I’m thinking about a little girl who had been missing for a month before her disappearance was reported. I’m thinking of a little girl who’s body was found buried in woods with duct tape round her mouth. I’m thinking of a little girl who’s only mistake was to happen to be born to a mother who didn’t appreciate the joys of having a child. As a woman desperate to have children of her own, the irony isn’t lost on me.

I want to know where God was when that little girl died?  I want to know who’s going to get justice for Caylee?

How can a little girl’s life come to an end so prematurely, yet nobody bears responsibility for her passing? She didn’t die from a terminal illness, or a fatal accident. She died because the person she trusted the most killed her, be it accidentally or otherwise, and quite frankly, nobody will ever be able to convince me that it was an accidental killing.

I felt sick when I learned what the verdict was, and now I just feel angry. The problem is, at whom can I aim that anger? Amidst the media circus, the half-truths, the lies, and the prevarications, nobody still seems to know exactly what happened to her. And the mother and the grandparents have just told lie, after lie, after lie.

One thing is clear though, she was alive and healthy, now she’s gone forever. A life cut short before it had barely begun. My heart weeps for the woman that she could have been, and the difference she could have made to the world.

I hope that Caylee gets the justice that she deserves one day. I really do.

RIP Caylee.

This is so very sad!

Saturday, November 1, 2008
Posted in: American crime, Azteclady Speaks

I’m at once stunned and not surprised–mostly because this world is so totally fucked up.

Last night, in South Carolina, a twelve year old boy was killed, and his father and one of his three brothers injured, while trick-or-treating on their way back home after participating in a bigger Hallowe’en event downtown.

My heart goes out to this family.

This is just fucked up, period.

Edited to add: The 22 year old man who killed this innocent child is an ex-convict who, fearing his house was being robbed (after a knock on the front door–pardon me while I WTF all over the place), emptied his assault riffle through the front door and windows and walls.


Assault riffle.

Fucked the hell up.

When Words Aren’t Enough…

Monday, October 27, 2008
Posted in: American crime

My heart goes out to Jennifer Hudson and the rest of her family.

Hanging isn’t good enough for the perpetrator of this heinous crime.

Mother, brother, and probably her little nephew.

Totally heart-breaking.


BELLEVILLE, Ill. – A woman pleaded guilty Monday to killing her pregnant friend, the unborn child and the victim’s three children in a plea deal that allowed her to avoid the death penalty.

Tiffany Hall, 26, pleaded guilty to all five charges against her — four counts of murder and one count of intentional homicide in the death of the fetus — and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Hall struck her friend Jimella Tunstall, 23, on the head repeatedly with a table leg, then cut Tunstall’s fetus from her womb in a bathtub, prosecutor Robert Haida said. Tunstall bled to death, Haida said. Hall then dumped her friend’s body in an East St. Louis lot.

Hours later, Hall told police in Illinois she had given birth to a stillborn child. When police arrived, she had the dead fetus with her. She refused to be examined at a hospital.

Three days later, Hall visited the father of two of Tunstall’s children and the unborn child, Haida said. The father was caring for all the children, Haida said. Hall told the father that Tunstall wanted her to pick up the children and Tunstall’s vehicle, he told police.

The father told the officers that was the last time he saw his children, Haida said.

Hall then drowned the three children — DeMond Tunstall, 7, Ivan Tunstall-Collins 2, and Jinella Tunstall, 1 — in the same bathtub where she killed their mother, Haida said.

There are just so many psychotic people in this world.

Surely somebody must have noticed that she wasn’t the full shilling?

Her lawyer mentioned that she had a history of mental problems as well as a low IQ. What the hell does a low IQ have to do with anything?

I hope she dies a horribly painful death. But somehow, even that would be too good for her.

Thanks to AL for sending me the link.