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Glass Houses, by Anne Stuartglass-houses

This is a very old category romance published by Harlequin as part of its Men at Work line back in 1989. It is also my first (to my recollection) Anne Stuart.

Isn’t it amazing how good writing can come through even as annoying conventions make one want to tear one’s hair out? For example, please take a look at the back cover blurb:

Who is that sexy guy?

Name:              Michael Dubrovnik

Experience:       Millionaire and corporate raider. He has many hidden talents… seduction is just one of them.

Objective:         To acquire Glass House and its prime Manhattan location.

Until he met owner Laura de Kelsey Winston, Michael had never lost a negotiation. But the savvy businesswoman matched him move by move, kiss for kiss. And suddenly Michael was in danger of losing a far more precious commodity… his heart.

Boardroom Boys Serious in the boardroom-sizzling in the bedroom!


Anne Stuart’s, Ice Storm…

Monday, October 15, 2007
Posted in: Anne Stuart, Ice Storm

LLB has a fab review of Anne Stuart’s next book, Ice Storm. It sounds absolutely yummy, so I’ve pre-ordered it from Amazon. I’ve been looking forward to Madam Isobel Lambert’s book for ages!

(Look see, I’ve almost forgotten that she ever wrote the crapness that was Cold As Ice *shudder*…)