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Ahhh Those Were The Days…

Sunday, July 13, 2008
Posted in: Beverly Havlir, memory lane

The following is a blurb that I wrote back in April 2005, for Beverly Havlir’s book, Bodyguard. I’m reposting it, because it was a nice jaunt down memory lane

Girl Genius Doctor witnesses a murder on her way home from work one night.

Girl Genius’s overprotective and very influential father hires Boy Detective to protect his precious baby Girl Genius.

Girl Genius is resentful of Boy Detective cuz she’s afraid he’s gonna cramp her style, especially now that she’s decided to get laid after years of concentrating on being a genius.

Boy Detective is resentful cuz he thinks she’s a spoilt brat, and he has far more important things to do, than to babysit her.

Girl Genius and Boy Detective clash continuously until of course they wind up swapping saliva and doing the horizontal foxtrot

Meanwhile Mean Murderer is still on the loose, and is closing in on Girl Genius

I really should go back to these old KarenS-stylie blurbs. They were so much more fun to write. *g*

Remember how I bitched about Beverly Havlir never updating her website? Well waddaya know, she has a book out today called Educating Emily. I was a little worried about the title because whenever I see the word ‘educating’, included in an erotic romance title, the theme is usually BDSM-centric, which just isn’t my cuppa. All that flogging and submissive bollocks gives me the heeby geebies. I’d rather poke myself in the eye with a hot fork methinks.

Anyway, I’m pleased to report that it’s not a BDSM book. Thank Oprah for that.

Here’s the blurb:

How to drive a man insane in bed.

That’s the subject of Emily Sinclair’s latest article for her online magazine. And she has just the guy in mind to teach her — Devlin McKay. After all, she’s fantasized about the hottie next door for years.

Devlin is shocked by Emily’s proposition, not to mention aroused. She’s definitely not a kid anymore, and she’s not just sexy — she’s irresistible. He agrees to be her sexual mentor, but he has a proposition of his own. When the lessons are over, they will each go their separate ways. He’s not in the market for a relationship.

One night in the classroom — well, bedroom — and Devlin is singing a different tune. Not only is Emily Sinclair all grown up, but she has a lot to teach him, too.

Yeah, the blurb needs work. If I’d happened upon this book without being familiar with the author’s writing, I’d have passed right over it, but whatever, it’s a Havlir baby!

Anyway, I’m off to buy and read!