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I’m not sure how I feel about the UK’s plans to let abortion ads be shown on TV, in attempt to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies:

Restrictions on the advertising of condoms on television could also be relaxed under a shake-up of the rules put forward in an effort to halt high rates of teenage pregnancy.

Adverts for pregnancy advisory services could be allowed in prime-time evening slots on the major channels and radio following consultation by advertising watchdogs.

But advertisers must stipulate if the service does not refer women directly for abortion under the new proposals.

One of Britain’s biggest independent pregnancy advisory service, whose clinicians perform abortions as well, said it would immediately consider running adverts.

I get why they’re doing it, but I guess I’m afraid that it may lead to young people having abortions as if they were a form of contraception.

I think that promoting the use of condoms is a good thing, and should be a given anyway, but I’m definitely still undecided about abortion clinics airing promotional ads.

What say you?