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And Another One Bites The Dust…

Monday, September 17, 2007
Posted in: calling it a day, Epublishers

I’ve no idea who Stardust Press. were, but they’ll be going kaput on 30th September. This is what the CEO or whoever ‘Raine’ is, had to say:

“After much discussion and negotiation and evaluation, it is with regret that we announce StarDust Press is closing effective September 30, 2007. We are saddened that despite all our efforts, SDP is bleeding, and the investors have decided to cut their losses.”

At least we can be grateful that this time, the owners don’t seem to be totally losing the plot. They’ve obviously learned from the antics of the last lot.


By the way, does anybody know what it means when you dream that everytime you picked up a newborn baby, you either broke its bones, or dropped it on its head?

I had the same dream on Friday and Sunday. I woke up crying each time.

I really think I need a break.