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Two days after the not-guilty verdict was handed down to Casey Anthony, I find that I’m still thinking about it.

I’m not blaming the jurors here, I understand that they can only make a judgement based on the evidence presented by the prosecutors, who seemed to do a piss-poor job of managing the whole case. In my opinion, the lead prosecutor should be relieved of his current post and demoted.

No, rather I’m thinking about Caylee Anthony. I’m thinking about a little girl who had been missing for a month before her disappearance was reported. I’m thinking of a little girl who’s body was found buried in woods with duct tape round her mouth. I’m thinking of a little girl who’s only mistake was to happen to be born to a mother who didn’t appreciate the joys of having a child. As a woman desperate to have children of her own, the irony isn’t lost on me.

I want to know where God was when that little girl died?  I want to know who’s going to get justice for Caylee?

How can a little girl’s life come to an end so prematurely, yet nobody bears responsibility for her passing? She didn’t die from a terminal illness, or a fatal accident. She died because the person she trusted the most killed her, be it accidentally or otherwise, and quite frankly, nobody will ever be able to convince me that it was an accidental killing.

I felt sick when I learned what the verdict was, and now I just feel angry. The problem is, at whom can I aim that anger? Amidst the media circus, the half-truths, the lies, and the prevarications, nobody still seems to know exactly what happened to her. And the mother and the grandparents have just told lie, after lie, after lie.

One thing is clear though, she was alive and healthy, now she’s gone forever. A life cut short before it had barely begun. My heart weeps for the woman that she could have been, and the difference she could have made to the world.

I hope that Caylee gets the justice that she deserves one day. I really do.

RIP Caylee.


Last week over here in England, two young brothers were jailed for subjecting two other boys, aged nine and eleven to a prolonged brutal attack. The boys themselves were aged ten and eleven at the time.

This is an excerpt of a news report about the attack from September 2009

Two young brothers are facing life in custody for beating, burning and sexually assaulting two boys aged nine and 11. (more…)


This is an internal debate that I have with myself whenever I read about children/teens committing violent acts against other children/teens.

Two boys aged ten and 11 are being questioned after two other youngsters were seriously injured in an attack. One boy was left with life-threatening head injuries and another was slashed with a knife.

The critically-injured boy, aged 11, was found semi-conscious at the bottom of a ravine while the nine-year-old with knife wounds was found wandering along a street “dazed” and covered in blood, witnesses said.

Two boys who were found near the scene in Edlington, South Yorkshire were taken into police custody.

Since the abduction and murder of James Bulger back in the early nineties, the number of young teens committing adult crimes seem to have risen sharply. Whereby once upon a time, we’d have been shocked to hear about violent acts commited by young children/teens, sadly, these days, it just seems to be par for the course. (more…)

“On December 3, 2002, 8-year-old Marcianna Ringo was supposedly dropped off at school by Jamal Abeokuto, her mother’s boyfriend.

When her mother, Milagro White, returned home from work late that afternoon, she discovered Marcianna was missing. She also found a message on her cell phone from the school saying the girl had never arrived that day. White immediately called police and told them her daughter was missing. Ringo’s parents pleaded for her safe return. The entire community tried to help find out what had happened to Marcianna. Police found a pair of blood soaked pants near her home but no sign of her.

According to the FBI agent investigating the case, the morning Marcianna disappeared started normally. White left for work just after 7 a.m., leaving Marcianna and her 3-year-old brother, Marc Ringo Jr., in the care of Abeokuto. Marc Ringo Sr. arrived at the apartment around 7:30 to pick up his son and take him to day care. Abeokuto told Ringo Sr. that Marcianna had already left for school. However, a neighbor later told police that she saw Marcianna getting into Abeokuto’s car just after 8 a.m.

A few days later Marcianna’s mother received a ransom note asking for $5000 in
exchange for her little girl. Police went to the drop off location but no one showed up. Police found Jamal Abeokuto’s finger prints on the other side of the note. Police then started to look for Jamal Abeokuto to arrest him for writing the note but were unable to locate him. Police put out a nationwide alert on him, including showing his picture on the America’s Most Wanted Fox TV show on Dec. 14.

Then, Marcianna’s parents worst nightmare came to reality. Two children found Marcianna’s frozen, partially snow-covered body in the woods nine days after she disappeared. Her throat had been slit and she had massive blows to the head. I am completely offended over the fact that there are people evil enough to slash a child’s throat. How wicked and cold hearted do they get? Who could slash the throat of a beautiful little girl and WHY?

A street was named after Marcianna. The name of the 5200 block of Loch Raven Boulevard is now Marcianna Ringo Way. Marcianna is remember a bright child who was a mentor at her school.

Abeokuto was found guilty. He claims that voices told him to murder the child, believing it would bring Ringo’s mother and him closer together if he killed her daughter. He was sentenced to die.”

Source: Black Kids Heaven.