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I Feel Like My Heart Is Breaking…

Thursday, May 15, 2008
Posted in: China Earthquake

I came across these photographs of the earthquake in Sichuan on Monica’s blog. I cried for a long time after seeing the pain and suffering that the people of China are enduring right now.

Somehow, I think I actually forgot that children would be amongst the casualties. How could I forget that babies and small children would also be amongst the dead? How could I?

The images are graphic and heart-wrenching, but I think they should be seen, so I wont be hiding them under a cut.

I thought I was adequately sympathetic to these people’s plight. I was wrong. The photographs are stark, but they serve to demonstrate the levels of real human suffering going on in a not-too-distant part of our planet right now.

The tapestry of these people’s lives are changed forever. And the loss and the devastation will be like a scar on their souls. If there’s such a thing as a god, why would he let this happen to his people?

I have to do something now. I have to help. I want to help.

Updated to add:

Here are a couple of links kindly provided by Laura Vivanco for anybody who wants to make a charitable donation:

UK Red Cross’ China Earthquake Appeal.

The US Red Cross is also collecting donations.

Oxfam UK’s also got a China Earthquake Appeal.