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Be merry, be joyful, be safe!

Be merry, be joyful, be safe!

Saturday, December 24, 2011
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To all of you who celebrate it, have a Happy and Merry Christmas!

 May love illuminate your life and guide your way always.

Image: decorative lights on government buildings taken in December 2009 in Mexico’s City old Centro Hist√≥rico.
The one who makes it not only worthwhile, but possible.

I’ve griped repeatedly here about horrid customers who seem to relish treating servers, waiters, cashiers (anyone with a name tag, really) like smelly scum on the bottom of their shoes, and those who seem happier when they can make one of the mentioned people’s day as miserable as can be.

For every one of those, there are dozens or more who are either straightforward or easy going–that’s the bulk, really, of customers where I work.

Then you have the few who actively enjoy making employee’s lives easier. They go out of their way to bring you a smile. They tip you, even if all you did was take their order. They joke a bit with you, they smile at you, they bid you good day.

And then there are people like Ms Faith. (more…)

A day late…

Monday, December 27, 2010
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Was taking a quick look at the blogs I follow and saw the immensely funny silent monks video over at the SmartBitches, which reminded me of this one–much more traditional, but oh so lovely!

And of course, this one:

For those who celebrate it, may your Christmas have been filled with joy and lovely memories.

Once again, with feeling...

Once again, with feeling…

Friday, December 10, 2010
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For the past couple of months (or longer, I honestly can’t remember) I have been promising myself to get back online, to write reviews for the books I’ve read (or re-read) and to comment on a number of issues that have exercised my imagination (or elevated my blood pressure, as the case might be).

Yeah, so not successful there, as you can see by the cobwebs in the corners and the dust devils rolling around the place.


See, for all my good intentions I just haven’t had the energy, mental or otherwise, to do much more than exist–I’m working as many hours as I can get on the paid job, training for another job, knitting and crafting like a mad person

(shameless plug: go visit my etsy store! lots of pretty and warm things for you and your loved ones!)

so that by the end of the day, when my supposed ‘free time’ arrives, all I want to do is crawl into bed and crash for as long as the blasted alarm clock will let me.

However, being stubborn as a mule, I am determined to come back… starting in January (card carrying member of procrastinators R us right here), though I may manage something between now and then.

Just in case I don’t, have a happy and safe holiday season everyone, no matter what you celebrate, or whether you celebrate anything at all!

(click on pic for bigger image)

Of course I got lots of other great gifts, including a fabulous Ted Baker vanity case from my brother and SIL, and lots of fabulous new-to-me perfumes, but the European version of the Sony Reader was definitely a highlight. The Reader also came with 100 free classic books, including Great Expectations, Wuthering Heights, Aesops Fables (which I’m loving reading by the way), Pride and Prejudice, etc, etc.

What was the best present you received this Christmas?