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DADT – Why Did It Take So Long?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Posted in: American Politics, DADT

I was pleased to learn that the vile DADT legislation has been repealed at last. It’s a policy that has always baffled me. I’ve just never understood the point of it? Like someone on Twitter pointed out, why ask somebody who’s willing to die for their country to hide who they are?

What difference does the sexuality of the person who you’re fighting next to make, when the enemy is spraying bullets at you? What difference does the sexuality of the person who’s willing to give up their life for yours make in the throes of war?

In my opinion, the existence of DADT was one of the things that kept America a step behind the rest of the western world. George Bush was the other, but you guys already got rid of him.

Like I’ve already said, I never got it, but I’m glad it’s being finally kicked to the curb, even if it has taken nigh on seventeen years to get here.

Now Obama just needs to hurry up and sign the damned bill already.

For more enlightened thoughts on the subject, go read Angry Black Bitch’s blog, as well as Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish.