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Blurb from Eharlequin.com:

You can buy His Holiday Wedding here, and learn more about the author here. (Cute website btw)

Via Blogging In Black

Oooh, somehow with all the madness over the past couple of weeks, I managed to miss the fact that Harlequin’s erotic Spice Briefs line is up and running.

Spice Briefs cost just $2.99, and the wordcount is generally between 5k and 15k words. There’s a $0.99 special offer on the books until 15th August, so go buy!

When I was over there, I noticed that Sarah McCarty’s Letting Go was the top seller so far. Fabulous.

Somehow, it also managed to escape my notice that Eharlequin are now offering e-books for all their lines. Anyway, I immediately went and ordered Sarah McCarty’s, Letting Go, and Jessica Bird’s, The Billionaire Next Door. I must say though, I’m most annoyed that the text-to-speech functionality isn’t operational on their Lit books. One of the great things about MS Reader, is having the option of being read aloud to. I hate that publisher exclusive downloads excludes this function. Dammit.

By the way, am I the only person who struggles to remember romance heroes and heroine names, after reading a book? I was packing up some of the books on my keeper shelf this morning, and I found that I couldn’t remember half the character’s names, and these were books I loved! Sheesh…