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I’m afraid I must interrupt the normal schedule to bring you this sports-related rant, so apologies in advance. It wont last long I’m sure…

I made the mistake of getting up at 4.30am this morning, to watch the Japanese Grand Prix.

What a fucking waste of time, and valuable sleep.

I simply don’t get it. I realise that Ferrari put a lot of money into Formula One, but how can the FIA get away with such blatant favouritism?

I was pissed off a month ago, when Hamilton had points taken off him for illegally over-taking Raikkonen, even though, Hamilton went on to give Raikkonen his place back in the race, but this morning’s antics really fucked me off.

Listen, I understand why Lewis Hamilton was given the drive-through penalty, (even though we’ve seen similar incidents all season with no repercussions for the other drivers) but Massa does exactly the same thing this morning, that Hamilton was accused of at Spa, and he only gets a drive-through penalty? Hamilton had 25 seconds taken off him, which not only handed Massa the win, but meant that Lewis ended up in third place, after he’d won the race fair and square. What the fuck?

And then the Bourdais incident? Massa barrels into Sebastien Bourdais whilst exiting the pit lane, and it’s Bourdais who gets the 25-second penalty, WHILST MASSA GETS PROMOTED TO 7TH? WTF?

There is something rotten in Formula One, and it’s been going on for years. Does anybody remember Michael Schumacher ever getting points docked, even when he clearly should have been? Well I wont be watching it after this season. Bernie Ecclestone and his cronies can fuck right off. I’ll stick to watching sports where fairness isn’t an alien concept.

And as for the England fans who booed Ashley Cole after his mistake during the Kazakhstan game? You are all fucking morons, and not true England fans. Also, WE WERE FUCKING WINNING 2-1 for FUCK’S SAKE!!! And we went on to win 5-1!!! If you want to put in a protest about the England performance, then don’t buy a ticket to the next fucking game. Booing your own team is counter-productive, and wont help the players raise their game. Absolute fucking arseholes.

*Deep breath*

Rant over.

Photo courtesy of David Beckham Zone

In deep mourning.

Blogging will resume as soon as I get over my abject misery.