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Katiebabs is currently writing an F/F romance, and over on her blog, she’s talking about the decision to step out of her comfort zone in order to navigate those wildly risky waters.

She writes:

few weeks ago while I was on Twitter some editors and agents were discussing the need for more gay romances. From that moment I decided to try my hand at writing a gay romance…

Why the need to write a lesbian romance? I feel that the M/M romance market has become so big and close to mainstream that I wanted to prove that lesbian romances can be just as popular as the M/M romances I have read. I have wondered why there aren’t more F/F romances on the market, and I was told they simply don’t sell well. I am here to prove that I can write a F/F romance that people will want to read. Reading a romance whether it be gay or straight is about the connection a reader will have with the characters. If your two main characters connect emotionally with the reader, you have accomplished something. And perhaps I can write some nice hot and steamy girl on girl action.

Now I admire Katie’s efforts to write outside her comfort zone, and I applaud her for having the balls (or should I say vagina?) to dare to be so bold, but I think that she’s onto a loser before she even starts.

Wanna know why I’m of this opinion? (more…)