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I used to buy anthologies quite often, always with the hope of discovering a super-duper new author. So what if I had to pay more money for them? I wasn’t just getting one author, I was getting three or four authors, so the price leap was totally justifiable…right?

Well… it depends. It depends on the authors, and it depends on the stories. I started resenting the fact that I only ever got one half-decent story out of the three, or four. What’s that about?

Now, I rarely ever buy them, unless one of the authors is an auto-buy, and even then, I’m still a bit reluctant to shell out the money.

The only anths I buy these days with any kind of regularity (also known as, once a year) are the Kensington Brava anths. I still resent the £9.99 ($20) that I have to pay for them though.

So, what do you think of anths? Do you buy, or like me, do you generally avoid them like the plague?

Also, what do you think of the prices? Value for money, or not?

Also, does anybody out there know how well they sell, in comparison to single-authored books?