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The one who makes it not only worthwhile, but possible.

I’ve griped repeatedly here about horrid customers who seem to relish treating servers, waiters, cashiers (anyone with a name tag, really) like smelly scum on the bottom of their shoes, and those who seem happier when they can make one of the mentioned people’s day as miserable as can be.

For every one of those, there are dozens or more who are either straightforward or easy going–that’s the bulk, really, of customers where I work.

Then you have the few who actively enjoy making employee’s lives easier. They go out of their way to bring you a smile. They tip you, even if all you did was take their order. They joke a bit with you, they smile at you, they bid you good day.

And then there are people like Ms Faith. (more…)



Friday, November 25, 2011
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks, Gratitude, Thank God For Romance

trying to be thankful feels like an uphill battle. Your life is fucked up and all the shit in it keeps popping up in your thoughts, no matter what you are doing (and more so in your one day off).

But there are many, many good things in your life too, many things–and people–that enrich your soul, that lift your spirit and that, even in the darkest hours, keep you afloat.

Thank you.

“I’m me, and I’m like nobody else.”