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Happy Birthday To KKB…

Friday, April 13, 2012
Posted in: Happy Birthday KKB

The blog is seven years old today.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been blogging for way longer than that, other times it seems like it was only yesterday that a mouthy wench started a blog called “It’s My Blog and I’ll Say What I Want To”.

Gosh I remember those days, I’m pretty sure there was nobody in Romland that I didn’t piss off. Remember Cindy Cruciger’s war against the Mean Girls of RomLand? How about when that batshit crazy Kathryn Falk, CEO of Romantic Times accused me of potentially causing authors to commit suicide due to my less than sugary reviews? And the small e-publisher flame-outs that used to happen on a weekly basis? Remember the batshit crazy owners like that Madris DePasture from New Concepts Publishing? How about the grammatically-challenged Patti Rebmann? That Jaid Black interview over at JaynieR’s blog, where we found out that Jaid/Tina Engler had married a murderer whilst he was serving life in prison? Oh, oh, oh, how about that book that was controversially titled, Beautiful Cocksucker? That was just a mess.

Ahhhh, those were the days, eh?

Of course these days I’m a gentler, calmer blogger. (more…)