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I totally stole this idea from the gals over at The Goddess Blogs.

Basically, I have six pics of beautiful Hollywood women, and six pics of beautiful Hollywood men, all you have to do is to match them up, and explain your reasons.

Here are the women:

So, we have Salma Hayek, Marcia Cross, and Drew Barrymore

Halle Berry, Aishwarya Rai, and Beyonce Knowles

And here are the men:

David Beckham, Will Smith, and Terence Howard

Blokey from Heroes (Sendhil Ramamurthy), Pierce Brosnan, and Brad Pitt.

So, who do you think matches best with whom?

My pick?

Becks – with me (now you never really believed I’d give him to any of these hussies did you?)

Salma Hayek and Brad Pitt – She’s got good child bearing hips, and he’s into the whole fatherhood thing isn’t he?

Pierce Brosnan with Ashwarya Rai – Think of the goregousness of their off-springs

Beyonce with Terence Howard – They’d look so great together

Will Smith and Drew Barrymore – two funny people together, although I can’t imagine what their kids would look like, lol

Halle Berry and Sendhil Ramamurthy – I think he’d treat her really well, and be the perfect gent

Oh look, Marcia Cross is left on the shelf, sorry Marcia, Becks is mine, and I don’t share!

OK, now it’s your turn, if you can be arsed!