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How is it sexual?

Please explain, in word of one syllable, how a t-shirt that reads, “Jesus is not a homophobe”‘ sexual in nature?

(and why is there no image of the t-shirt in question in the article? No matter, found it here)

I hope they win.


I shouldn't be surprised

…and actually, I’m not quite sure surprise covers my reaction. Outrage is in there, for sure, but there is an element of incredulity.

During the RWI debacle, someone at the SBTB commented that it wouldn’t be long before there were cries from conservatives about how de ghays oppress and bully them–and not shortly after, this comment popped up at Courtney Milan’s blog.

And then, when the furor has calmed down some, someone calling itself SeaLaughing left this screed (without a link, of course): (more…)

Discrimination goes both ways

Okay, so everyone (including me) is up on arms over the fucked up contest rules at Romance Writers Ink.

Over at the SmartBitches, dick is trying to convince someone that it’s not discrimination because people are entitled to their own discomfort. Which is another way of saying “let’s be tolerant of their intolerance,” from where I’m sitting.

Look, for me it’s like this: I don’t read f/f and read very, very little m/m for the same reason I don’t read horror or inspirationals: I don’t feel like it.

And given that I barely have money to buy what I do want to read, I don’t feel very charitable toward anyone who tells me that I should/must buy f/f to demonstrate that I’m not homophobic.

Sorry, but fuck that.

However, there’s rather a wide gap between that and “hey, this is a romance writing contest but GLBT people need not apply.” Why? Because in the past they have found judges more than happy to read and judge such stories with an open mind–open enough to have had GLBT winning stories.

So yeah, that’s bad–fucked up bad.

But there is a further problem, for me.

Several commenters are now blasting Oklahoma and all of its residents as homophobic assholes just because the apparent¹ majority of that RWA chapter made a GLBTphobic decision.

Sorry, guys–one attitude is just as fucked up as the other one.

(Furthermore, it’s a bit reminiscent of those lovely voices that keep chanting, constantly, that all “romance is trash, all romance is porn for women, all romance readers are all fat, delusional women, the romance genre is by its own nature inferior to all other literature” and the like. )


If you read Courtney Milan’s post, don’t skip the comments–at the very least, read this amazing one by Tessa Dare. Also, this Facebook post by Suzanne Brockmann.

* * * * *

¹ I would certainly love to see the numbers of membership, numbers of voting members, etc. for that particular decision.

Please note, this post was originally written and scheduled prior to Proposition 8 being passed, hence the speculative tone.

Lori has a great post up at Let’s Gab. She’s talking about Proposition 8, which apparently seeks to overturn a ruling in California last year by the Supreme Court, which made it illegal to discriminate against couples wanting to get married, on the basis of sex.

Basically, the proposition wants to ban gay marriages.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why two people who wish to stand up and announce their commitment to one another in a formal setting, cannot do so.

I can’t imagine not being able to marry the person that I love, because my sexual orientation was deemed to be unacceptable in the eyes of the law. It’s like somebody telling me that I can’t get married because I’m black. I mean, really, what’s the difference?

Heterosexual couples have been making a mockery of marriage for hundreds of years, and at a time when the divorce rate is so high, both over here in England, and in the US, you’ll never convince me that allowing same sex couples to get married, will be the catalyst that leads to the end of civilisation as we know it.

This proposition is apparently based on religious beliefs, which serves to enrage me even more. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state?

I’m a hater of organised religion, as my regulars will know, and it’s crap like this that convinces me that religion is at the root of most evils in this world.

Marriage is a right, that everybody, regardless of their sexual orientation should be afforded.

I seem to recall that it wasn’t that long ago that blacks couldn’t marry whites, and I really don’t see how this kind of discrimination is any different from those miserable days of widespread intolerance and hatred.

If I lived in California, I would definitely say no to Proposition 8.

N.B. Well, as we know, the arseholes won, and it makes me wonder at the people who saw the above advert, and still decided to vote ‘yes’.