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Now doesn’t this sound like a book worth mocking reading? I suspect it’s either self-pubbed or the ‘author’ has paid to get it published.

Check out this fantastic blurb – erm, or whatever it is, from Amazon.

Thanks for the great reaction to this book! (Karen: She’s totally deluded, check out the one star reviews hahaha!)

The story is steamy and quite unusual. I can see from one comment, however, that some people might think it’s too steamy. If steamy and sensual might offend you, then please be forewarned, this tale stimulates the senses. (Karen: Are you supposed to give your own review of the book within the blurb? Hahahaha!)

A handsome country music mogul tries to resist a gorgeous young virgin he has been invited to mentor. He can’t resist the virgin, of course!

She notices the country music mogul’s physical assets, including his big c**k. (Karen: Hahahahaha, lolololol!) She can’t stop thinking about him. Like all good stories, this one has some surprises that leave you wondering what will happen next.

In the end, the virgin understands the rationale for waiting before hopping in bed with men. But it’s too late. This is a great bedtime story. (Karen: Eh? Is she reccing this book to be read to children???)

Please be aware that this book is written in the language of the characters (Karen: I so badly want to know what in the language of the character means, heh). So, the book utilizes their particular dialect. This dialect is quite beautiful though it might offend strict grammarians. (Karen: Oh this books sounds too delish to pass up!)

This story is for, and about, adults 18+ (Karen: Oh ok, it’s not for children then!)


Hahahaha! What a hot mess! Anybody want to take one for the team?

You can Kindle this from Amazon.com here. From what I can gather it was originally a freebie.

Happy reading!