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I was reading Tod Goldberg’s blog earlier, and I came across a post that he’d entitled, Letters To Parade: The Three Dumbest Questions of 2007. The questions were from Parade readers, who Tod likes to take the piss out of regularly. The questions were highly amusing, but Tod’s responses were even funnier:

Parade Reader 1:

“Why are there so few black country singers?”

Tod’s response:

No offence to country music lovers in general, but I found Tod’s comments very amusing.

Parade Reader 2:

“On the day he was acquitted, 12 years ago this week, O.J. Simpson said he’d spend the rest of his life looking for his wife’s killer. How’s he doing?”

Tod’s comments were hil-fucking-arious. You can read the full response at his blog, but I’ve narrowed it down to this excerpt:

Dear Oprah, I had to wipe tears outta my eyes after reading that.

I think I’ve stolen enough of his stuff, so for the full post, bob over to his blog. I find him effing hilarious, but that’s possibly due to him being an irreverent sonofabitch. *g*