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Ten Things That Pissed Me Off Today…

Thursday, February 1, 2007
Posted in: I should be a hermit

1. Taxi drivers with no sense of direction.

2. Mothers who stupidly let their toddlers run riot on train platforms, without the benefit of a harness to prevent them from falling onto the train tracks.

3. Scum bags who insist on smoking, even when there are ten million no-smoking signs posted about the place.

4. People who sit next to you on a train, when there are other seats to be had.

5. People who insist on making conversation during a five-hour train journey. What part of ‘I’m working’ didn’t you get?

6. People who talk loudly on mobile phones on the train. The entire fucking train didn’t need to know what you’re doing for Valentine’s day, you arse.

7. People with no sense of personal hygiene. That fishy, foisty smell wasn’t coming from the sea my dear. Changing one’s knickers would probably help.

8. People who insist on phlegm-coughing their guts up, whilst sitting next to me. That shit’s just fucking wrong.

9. Train drivers who think they’re Michael fucking Schumacher. Fucking schmuck.

10. Public fucking transport. ‘Nuff said.