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"I love my half brother, and he loves me. We are practically boyfriend and girlfriend"

I know that it’s best to live and let live, but blood incest is just something I find hard to understand. I wrote this blog post about step-siblings falling in love a while ago, and every now and again, I get somebody posting, defending incestuous relationships.

This is the latest comment from somebody called Mel:

I don`t really see what`s so bad about loving your half brother or sister. Like, father and daughter or mother and son is crossing the line. But, brother and sister (fully related or not.) is not wrong in my eyes. Like Hannah said, love is love. Everyone has the right to love whoever they like and the people who are disgusted by it all i have to say to you is you can`t change the way people feel and if you have such closed minds you are the reason why some people are bitter; it`s because you don`t understand love. love makes the world go round. I say, if you love your sister, brother, teacher or anyone older of younger than you, go for it. it`s your choice who you want to love and you never know they may have mutual feelings.

I love my half brother, and he loves me. We are practically boyfriend and girlfriend. I was the one who gradually made the moves on him and now were still together and through all the hardships we face, we still love each other.
So love who you want to love. :)”

Seriously, I don’t get it.

Oh I’m so devastated. Not.

The last time I looked at the Bookstrand site, all the books on the front page seemed to be about teenage girls being diddled by, either their fathers, or their brothers. I get that some people enjoy that kind of thing, but honestly, it put me off from visiting the site.

Jane at Dear Author posted that Paypal were cracking down on publishers and retailers who sold books containing incest, rape, etc. She originally referenced Siren Publishing as one of the epubs that were being targeted.

She then got a slightly snotty email back from the Siren people who explained that they’ve never had the disgusting themes in their books, and blamed the self-pubbed arseholes “who don’t know where to draw the line when it comes to obscenity.”

The Siren people continue:

We have deactivated those self-pubbed titles from BookStrand as per PayPal’s specific request. Currently, these are the same titles still offered for sale by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance Ebooks…

I don’t know what your agenda is, but it is irresponsible of you for not checking your facts before making such an outlandish and false statement.

I demand that you remove such blatant inaccuracy that stems from your ignorance about what we publish.

Strong words from the people who allowed Lola Newmar to put out books about one apparently virginal female (aged 21), who ends up shagging seven shapeshifting longhorn bulls. I’m not even sure how to describe such a thing.

It seems that the reason that Paypal are ditching these sites were financial rather than on any ethical grounds. Apparently credit card companies don’t like dealing with porn retailers as they are a risky proposition. There are also a lot of chargebacks apparently.

Anyway, I for one sure am happy about the turn of events. It’s at least one less website featuring incest porn. Ewwwww…

Teddypig has a really interesting post on the subject of the number of incest stories on offer over at All Romance Ebooks.

Sick. Effing. Pervert.

The 56-year-old divorced man repeatedly attacked his offspring between 1980 and February this year.

The father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted 25 rapes and four indecent assaults.

His actions echo those of Austrian Joseph Fritzl, who fathered seven children with his daughter after trapping her in a cellar.

Unlike Fritzl, the British dad controlled his victims with decades of mental torture.

His victims were too terrified to tell their mother, but eventually turned to social workers this year.

My question is, where was the mother, and how could she not know that something was wrong? Who did she think had fathered her grand children?

This man raped his kids for twenty-five years.

What’s the betting that he used to have daddy/daughter fantasies before he started?

I hope he gets beaten and tortured everyday of his life in prison. Death would almost be too good for him.

Just in case I haven’t been clear enough on my stance on incestuous relationships within romance books…

Brothers fucking brothers/fathers shagging sons/daughters shagging brothers/ fathers shagging daughters/mothers fucking their sons, and other familial combinations is just plain wrong in my opinion. These storylines may be popular, but they aren’t romance. They are fetish. Of the worst kind at that, as far as I’m concerned.

And another thing; a guy who has little girl fantasies doesn’t belong on the pages of a romance book. He belongs in jail. Pure and simple. In real life, a guy who has such fantasies will inevitably find a child (or many children) to sexually abuse. I can’t ever see beyond that fact, let alone view it as romantic.

The day that these kind of storylines go mainstream under the banner of romance, will be the day that I start reading inspirationals.