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You know, it’s irritating enough finding typos and grammatical errors within the pages of a book, but to find these errors in the synopsis, on the back cover of said book, is simply unforgiveable.

Every time I ignore my prejudices against Genesis Press, and buy one of their books, the fuckers always manage to piss me off.

Had I seen The Color of Trouble at a traditional book store, rather than at Amazon, I would have left it on the shelf for sure. Wanna see what I mean? Check out the blurb:

(By the way, the paragraph breaks above are mine. In actuality, all the paragraphs were squashed together without relief.)

OK, for the people who may have missed the deliberate mistakes, let me talk you through them.

Deliberate Mistake 1 – the heroine wasn’t called Kari Anderson, she was called Kari Thomas. And no, she didn’t marry Steven Anderson.

Deliberate Mistake 2 – It should be prejudiced not ‘prejudice’, which is why the sentence, “Because she’s black, she assumes she can’t be prejudice” didn’t work.

Deliberate Mistake 3“Kari’s purchase of a timeshare brings Jonathan and his firm back into Kari’s.” Back into Kari’s what?

Deliberate Crappy Grammar 4“Can they dismiss their past or will final judgment sentence them to try again.” I know what the aim here was, but the attempt at cleverness totally fell flat on its face.

Now, if that’s not bad enough, the book itself was littered with shitloads of errors. Errors like: “Mrs Dobis, I’m not in the mood for sparing with you today”.

Sparing? Sparing? SPARING!!?

Good effing grief, the typos in this book made the mess that was Ben’s Wildflower seem like a grammatical masterpiece in comparison.

Luckily for Ms Davis, unlike BW, the book itself was able to hold my interest, and I was able to ignore the shit, and concentrate on the actual story. Having said that, the errors were totally inexcusable, and any editor worth her salt, should have been able to spot them, before the damn book went to print. Sheesh…