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"White men do NOT want black women! And here's why..." - An Ignorant Black Man Speaks...

It’s men like this utter cockmonkey who make me question why more black women aren’t dating outside of their race. The ignorance makes me want to chew my own eyes out.

Oh, and he blames black mothers for the number of black men in prison. He doesn’t apportion any blame to the absentee fathers who spread their seed here, there and everywhere, only to run away from their responsibilities.

He writes in the comments section:

“The absenteeism of the black father is PROMOTED by the EMOTIONAL immaturity of the women or girls having these babies. The absenteeism of the black father is promoted by black girls or women who TOUT the strong INDEPENDENT black woman who doesn’t need no man complex. The absenteeism of black fathers in black homes is promoted by black women who know that it is EASY to DIVORCE or force a black man away because CHILD SUPPORT and WELFARE will bail her irresponsible ass out.”

That’s not all, responding to a commenter who wholeheartedly disagreed with him, he wrote this:

“This is just an angry incoherent RANT from a GUILTY white man’s whore. But let me state this for you the incomprehensive, incompetent black bearer of the VAGINA & birth canal & thus the ONLY ONE who DICTATES how a child is born.
NO MAN can stick his dick into a RAW vagina, INSEMINATES SPERM INTO HER WOMB, FORCE a? woman to become pregnant without the consent of that WOMAN. the ONLY bastard babies that come into this world are those by LOWLIFE women & BLACK women LEAD in that LOWLIFE category…”

What an utter wankstain.

Why Black Men Prefer To Date White Women Over Black Women...Apparently

According to the video below, this is why some black men prefer to date white women over black women. The list is….interesting, shall we say.

Here’s their list:

1. Attitude – (Angry black woman)

2. Materialistic – (apparently black girls determine a guy’s character by their appearance and the clothes they wear)

3. Easier to approach (White girls are less guarded)

4. Family more welcoming (White girls families don’t ask twenty questions about what they do for a job etc when they meet the black guys)

5. Less controlling

6. More faithful

7. Narrow-minded

8. Complaining

9. Less room for error – (I guess this means black women are less forgiving)

10. Always assuming the worst

That list right there, compiled by the black guys in the video is exactly the reason why black women should really open themselves up to dating outside their race.

I’ve heard the ‘black angry woman’ tag more often than I care to. Whenever black men are asked why they date anybody other than women of their own race, the majority of them give this as their number one reason.

I call bullshit of course. I’m pretty sure that most guys who date white women do so because they probably find them more attractive, but for some reason, they seem afraid to just say that. Instead, they endorse the idea of the materialistic, shallow, narrow-minded, angry black woman. It’s a label that black women everywhere have really struggled to overcome.

I like what this woman had to say about black men’s excuses for not dating black women:

Anyway, what do you guys think of the list? Don’t be shy, I wont judge.

Black Men Who Have A Problem With Black Women Dating Non-Blacks, What The Hell?

As long as I can remember, black guys around me have always dated non-black women. Always. When I was at school, it was the norm, and in fact it was a surprise when a black boy dated another black girl. This is not an unusual story, as far as I can tell, this has been the norm the world over for the last twenty years or so.

When I was a teen, the only boys who were interested in me romantically were white guys and bi-racial guys. The black guys were just not interested, they preferred my white friends. That’s just a fact. I on the other hand wanted to go out with black guys, I guess that’s how I was programmed, especially in those days, when it was virtually unheard of in my circle for a black girl to date a white guy.

I remember going on a date with a white boy when I was maybe thirteen or fourteen. To be honest, the reason I went out with him was because he asked me, but still to this day, I remember how uncomfortable I felt when he tried to hold my hand in public. And now that I know better how the world works, I’m really sorry that I made such a big deal about the whole thing. I guess I never thought about it from his perspective. Here was this white boy who had managed to get up the courage to ask out a black girl to the cinema (I’m pretty sure it was Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade) even though it wasn’t really the done thing, and I wouldn’t even let him hold my hand or express any other public displays of affection.

Whenever I think about how horrible I was on that date, I want to go back and slap that stupid girl upside the head. It wasn’t till a few years later that I thought about how I would have felt if somebody I was interested in had acted as if they were ashamed to be seen with me whilst we were on a date.

Anyway, the rest of my dating adventures didn’t differ much as I got older – I got asked out by white guys and mixed race guys, but still mostly ignored by black boys. A couple of black guys did ask me out, and I happily went, but they were both a bust. One of the black boys was the kind of guy who expected payment in kind for him spending a few pounds on a Big Mac meal. Needless to say, we didn’t last very long.

My long time readers will know that TTG is mixed race, and prior to meeting him, I’d mostly been dating bi-racial guys. Actually, I did date a white guy just prior to TTG, but he turned out to be an obsessive psycho, who threw battery acid all over my car when I dumped him for TTG. He was one messed up dude. *Shudder*

Anyway I’ve written all of the above to say that what angers me more than anything is when black guys take umbrage when they see black women with white guys. Black women have had to accept their lack of interest in them (me included) for years, yet they have the sheer audacity to have an issue when they see us with white guys. It’s happened to me quite a few times. I have quite a few clients who are white and male, and when I take them out to lunch and we’re in the vicinity of a black guy, I see the look of disappointment on their faces, like I sold out or something. It enrages me no end. It doesn’t even matter that they’ve made an erroneous assumption, what makes me mad is the fact that they dare judge me for apparently being with a white guy. I mean seriously wtf?

It’s something that drives TTG crazy too, he just doesn’t get the whole territorial race thing.

Anyway, it’s become very obvious that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The Youtube vids featuring interracial couples where the woman is black, are filled with comments from black guys expressing their disgust at the union. Of course they’re filled with comments from KKK type people, but that’s not something that ever surprises me. A lot of people are racist, and that status quo will remain for many a year. No, what angers me are the number of black guys talking about how wrong it is for ‘sisters’ to date non-blacks, when black women have had to watch black men date outside their race for years.

The following Youtube vid features an older black woman who happens to be in a relationship with a white man. She’s responding to an email that she received from a black guy condemning her for marrying a white guy. It’s bloody long, but you more or less get the gist within the first ten minutes.

Wouldn’t it be great if people could be left alone to love who they want to love?

Anyway, question to black woman, or in fact any other women out there who have dated outside their race, what kind of reception did you get from guys of the same ethnicity as you? And to black women specifically, what was your dating history like? Was it at all similar to mine?

Side note: I know these are sensitive questions, and not all of you guys will be interested in the subject matter, but unlike the late Monica Jackson, (God rest her soul) if I get radio silence, I’ll just assume that nobody’s interested in these types of blog posts, and I’ll go back to random stuff. It takes way more effort than I usually like to expend to write them, and so the more responses from you guys the better:)

Interracial Relationships - Poll: Have You Ever Dated Outside Your Race?

Hi KKBers!

As part of my Interracial Relationships series of posts, I want to know if you guys have ever dated outside your race. Just pick the option that applies to you. Radio silence not welcomed!

Blasian/AMBW Couples - AKA The Things I Learned From Youtube Vids...

I can’t lie, up until about 24 hours ago, I’d never heard the term Blasian (black and Asian pairings) or AMBW (Asian Men and Black Women) before. But going by the number of Youtube vids out there on this subject, there seems to be a whole movement.

What I found fascinating was the number of Asian men (Korean, Japanese etc) who have made vids on the subject of AMBW relationships. It seems that they feel as if they’re being screwed over when it comes to dating outside their race.

Most of the guys seemed a little bitter about the fact that Hollywood and the media portray Asian men in a really negative way (welcome to the Black man’s world). The majority of the beef was that they were only ever nerds, geeks, asexual Kung-Fu masters, or violent criminals in movies, and so it was no surprise that more black women weren’t interested in them romantically.

Honestly, I’ve never really considered AMBW pairings, but according to the US census from 2010, they are the least common interracial pairing in the United States. Something like 0.22% of marriages were between Asian men and black women. Honestly, that seems quite a lot to me, but apparently there are five times more African American males marrying Asian females. That statistic on the other hand doesn’t surprise me at all.

Anyway, the statistical data for Blasian relationships made my head hurt, so here’s a vid of an Asian guy’s perspective on Blasian couplings. He cusses a lot, so definitely not safe for work.

In terms of romance books featuring Blasian couples, the only one I’ve read was Anne Stuart’s Ice Blue and I’m not gonna lie, that was a DNF for me. I’ve never actually come across an AMBW romance, or if I did, I skipped past it. How about you guys?

I’ve also never come across an actual Blasian/AMBW relationship before in my real life, so it would seem that it’s rare as hell over here in England, how about you guys? Are any of you part of a Blasian couple? Answer honestly, would you ever date an Asian guy?

If I can, I’ll put up a poll for those of you who prefer to answer anonymously, but I’m a little technically challenged so it might not work out.

Compare and Contrast These Two Couples...

I’ve never watched so many Youtube vids in my life! Ever since I started researching interracial relationships, I’ve come across loads of IR couples on Youtube, basically vlogging (I now know what a Vlog is, yay for me!) about their lives and their relationships.

Anyway, more of that later, I just wanted to show you two couples who I believe have very different futures in terms of how much longer their relationship can last.

Check out the first couple, Justin and Brandy I think they’re called: (don’t quote me though)

The body language says it all I think. In my opinion, one of them has already checked out of the relationship. If you don’t believe me, just watch their other vids.

And contrast them with this couple: Gabe and Chad:

The second vid is longer, but you can see the difference in the dynamics of their relationship straight away I think.

This has nothing to do with them being IR couples, I just found it fascinating as an objective viewer to see a relationship/marriage where one half of a partnership seems to have checked out emotionally. I could be wrong of course, and you can’t really judge a relationship based on five minutes worth of footage, but I have a feeling I’m not wrong.

What do you guys think?

Side note, I have to say, I’m still thrown by the fact that so many people want to catalogue their relationships on Youtube. The whole idea of it brings me out in hives.