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She Was Amazing…

Saturday, June 9, 2007
Posted in: Beyonce in Manchester, Irreplaceable

I went to see Beyonce in concert on Thursday, and I have to say, she was just amazing. She really was.

One thing that I thought shone through more than anything else, was what a genuinely nice person she seemed to be. At the end of the concert she did this thing where she pointed out people in the audience, telling them that she could see all of them. There were two little girls in pink cowboy hats standing a few seats away from me, and when she pointed them out, they screamed in excitement, lol. Their little faces were so adorable. That kinda stuff means something when you’re that age, and I thought it was lovely of her to do it.

Oh yeah, and she could sing too, she was pitch perfect on every song, she really was.

My favourite song of the night was Irreplaceable, but she did many others that I’d almost forgotten. She was well worth seeing. Probably the best concert this year so far.

Oh yeah I nearly forgot, every single member of her band were women, and very talented women at that. One of her drummers did a showpiece where she played the drums blind-folded. Totally cool, and very girl-powerish!

And just because I love the video…

If TTG and I ever split up, this will so be my anthem (g).