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This time it’s author, Dianne Castell (Lori Foster’s best buddy) who’s forgetting that sometimes it’s best to say nothing. (Hey, I got nothing to sell, so I can say what I want.)

Go read Jennifer’s (Let’s Gab, and Don’t Talk, Just Read), rant about Dianne publicly berating a reader.


You know it’s bad when Jennifer gets controversial. *g*

Oh, by the way, THAT GIRL was called Karen Maries Stewart. Go read, it’s… an eye-opener. Not quite the choir boy eh?

To go to the trouble of finding out this information, somebody must really hate you-know-who. I wonder what she did to her…?

Hmmm… Honeysuckle…

Monday, February 5, 2007
Posted in: It's just too much

This paragraph totally threw me out of the story I was just reading:

Honeysuckle? I laughed out loud when I read the above paragraph. I’m not sure why, but for some reason, I had visions of brightly coloured shrubs growing from the heroine’s lips. Yes I realise that that’s weird.

Carry on.