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…like Mel Gibson’s film career after that incident… especially after reading this comment from a fan on the Beyond Reach thread at Dear Author (Yes it’s still going strong):

Could she be anymore condescending, and uncaring about her fans? That was just such a big f*ck-you, it’s not even funny.

Out of the 168 (and counting) comments, that are there, only a handful, of those (if that) have commended her on her willingness to think outside the box, and take a risk for the good of the book. If we follow the rules of random sampling, that surely means the majority of her readers think that she fucked up royally. Hopefully, that translates into crappy books sales on her next GC book. Mean much? Probably.

Well, I’m sure she’ll be pleased that she got what she wanted; lots of people talking about her book months after she wrote it. After all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?