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Apparently, the most vicious and spiteful blogger in Romanceland, Vindictive Rhinoceros, is redoubling her obsessive efforts in terms of trying to use one of Romancelandia’s most popular lawyer bloggers, as target practice.

Yeah, I know, nothing new there, I hear you cry.

It sure would be interesting to see if Vindictive Rhinoceros’  authorly best friend, Batshit Crazy Butthead, would be as willing to out herself, like a certain popular romance blogger did.

I hear that Vindictive Rhinoceros is keen on trying to out people, (That VR, is one sly/sneaky wench)  so perhaps she’ll advise her bessie mate, to come out, and be proud too???

Karma, she may be a bigger bitch than one realises. 

Giselle The Gossip Queen!

Sometimes karma really is a bitch.

Over at the SB’s blog, Sarah has a post up, entitled, ‘Erotica Writer Zane: I’m Facing Discrimination.

Sarah writes:

Thanks to the multiple Bitchery readers who forwarded this over. Erotica author and editor Zane emailed a DC-area email loop the following account of how her latest book is facing an uphill battle in terms of finding places in which to advertise. Why? Because it’s Black erotica? Nope. Because it’s gay. Specifically, according to Zane’s email, lesbian erotica.

SB Sarah also posted the contents of the e-mail.

Now normally I’d be sympathetic, because discrimination of any kind is hard to bear, but on this occasion, I admit to being highly amused at the way fate works.

The reason I have no sympathy for Zane, is because at the height of the Millenia Black v Penguin row, back in 2006, Zane publically delivered a smackdown to Millenia, that I felt was particularly unwarranted at the time. The rant was posted on Thumper’s Corner, but has since been deleted.

Paraphrasing wildly, Zane basically wrote that MB was biting the hand that fed her. Best-selling Author Pontiff expressed her outrage over Zane’s comments at the time.

I recall wondering why Zane felt the need to post such an incendiary rant at the time, and I must admit, I lost quite a bit of respect for her. I felt that it was attitudes like hers that made it even harder for AA authors to take a stand on the Racism in Publishing issue.

I wonder if Zane would still stand by the comments she made at the time?