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Rumour has it that the disgraced ex-owner of the now defunct Triskelion Publishing, Kristi Studts has opened a new publishing company. Of course, she’s not listed as the owner of Mystical Moon Press, but apparently she may be using several pseudonyms to hide her identity.

I got this e-mail from an ex Trisk author:

We (ex Trisk authors) have discovered that Kristi Studts has started up again. Or at least has something to do with this set up:

She is Magickal Media, the cover artist there (I think Dear Author did an expose a while back when she displayed our Triskelion covers on Magickal Media as her work, which they were). However, nobody I’ve been in contact with knows any of the authors there, and there are some names on the owner and author page that seem – a bit familiar. Perhaps you can get someone who knows a bit about computers and stuff to find out more.

What is annoying us, (the ex-Triskettes) is that Kristi isn’t coming out and telling people who she is. Nothing wrong, legally, with her doing this and trying to make a living, but unethical not to tell people who she is?

There are some very unhappy authors who never want to have anything to do with her again (yours truly included). But if she hides under pseudonyms and other names, we won’t be able to tell.

Does anybody out there know if A, she is actually the owner, and B, who the hell is submitting their work to her?

A fine week for the e-publishing industry isn’t it? Will this madness ever stop?

Methinks not.