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I can’t tell you how much I love this version of Snow Patrol’s brilliant song, Run.

Happy Easter…or whatever…

Leona performs on the Xfactor

I love her version of Snow Patrol’s Run, I really do.

Here’s the original version for those who aren’t as familiar with the song:

I’d definitely say that she did the song justice.

Number one on the Billboard charts eh? I hear that’s harder to get into than a nun’s knickers.

I knew she’d make it worldwide, she’s got a great set of pipes, and she doesn’t look bad either.

Mind you, she got a spot on Oprah, that just about guaranteed her number one chart position.

Go on girl!!!

The Best Voice Evah…

Thursday, November 1, 2007
Posted in: Leona Lewis X factor

This is Leona Lewis, she won The X Factor (our version of American Idol, yet another Simon Cowell show) last year, and she is utterly fabulous. This is her new song, which went straight to number one this week.

I was in the car earlier today, and a song by Snow Patrol came on, but it wasn’t being sung by Snow Patrol, it was Leona doing a cover version of it. The hairs on my arms literally stood up.

Fabulous set of pipes. She really has…