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Dear Liquid Silver Publishing…

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Posted in: letters to the publisher

I love you, I really do, because you’re one of only a few e-pubs that I trust with my money, and your covers don’t suck great big hairy donkey balls, because you have talented divas like April Martinez at your disposal.

BUT… for the love of God, you need to change your excerpts policy!

You know how in trailers, you generally see the best bits of a film, which is usually what entices you to shell out your hard earned money to go to the cinema? Well, don’t you wanna adopt that same policy with the excerpts on your website?

Most people know that the first chapter in a book isn’t always going to be the best advertisement for the book, so why the hell do you make your authors submit the excerpts that start at the beginning of the book, rather than at a pivotal point?

I’m not talking about giving away key plots and such like, but you could at least make sure that the heroine and the hero are together in the excerpts that you post? Know what I mean?

Anyway, I’d be very grateful if you could ask your authors to submit decent excerpts, so that I’m enticed enough to buy your books, because right now, those ‘First Chapter’ excerpts aren’t doing anything for me whatsoever.

Yours sincerely

Karen Scott

To Loose ID…

Thursday, January 8, 2009
Posted in: letters to the publisher

Your new-look site is currently down.

Just thought I’d let you know, cuz if the site is down, you aren’t making any money.

By the way, can you go back to listing the genres on the sidebar, without me having to figure out, which one of the current sidebar headings, opens up the sub-menu for the list of genres? I really hate having to work that hard to find books I’m interested in.

Also, all that black is hard for my eyesight. The pages look pretty, but I’m having to squint to read the words. I don’t like squinting, it makes me want to move away from the website quickly, rather than perusing your offerings at my leisure.

Just sayin.