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I Do Love These Girly Cat Fights…

Thursday, March 8, 2007
Posted in: Lovefests R Us...

There’s a fight of sorts, on the Harlequin Presents Blog.

It kinda started with this comment from one of those ultra sen-sa-teeve, happy clappy readers:

“I’m actually a little taken aback by the direction this blog is taking. Very disappointing.
I thought the purpose was to discuss the Presents books and support the Presents authors but obviously I’m mistaken.
This is like inviting guests into your home, handing them a match and inviting them to set everything you stand for on fire.

I think the Presents authors get enough jealousy and envy from people in the romance community on other boards/blogs.
They certainly don’t need it here.”

Wow, she’s obviously not on the Romanceland blogging circuit, or else she’d know that when you invite opinions, you’re gonna get the good, the bad, and the ugly. I bet she still believes in Santa Claus and fairies. Poor deluded woo-man.

I can’t believe she used that tired-assed line about inviting guests into your home. I mean come on, doesn’t she realise that readers and authors have a symbiotic relationship? As in, if they don’t sell, then their publishers will drop ’em like they’re hot?

Incidentally, this argument has absolutely nothing to do with me. Seriously, I’m being very good.

Although, I’m thinking that Presentsfan (the person who the comment was aimed at) and I could be Bestest Friends Evah. I’ll wade in with my size 6’s when I get home.